Refund and Cancellation Policy

Last updated: June 11, 2022

Thank you for using ExtraLogics services.

ExtraLogics is a web development company and digital marketing. Our business model is built on Business to Business (B2B). All prices on our website are quoted in Indian rupees. Additional charges will apply for Goods & Service (GST). After receiving milestones or monthly payments, invoices will be generated at the scheduled time.

No refunds or returns under normal circumstances are possible for our service. A refund may be requested only under certain conditions, which will be discussed in the refund policy. Users can cancel their subscription anytime if they are unsatisfied with our services. All advance payments made for services chosen by users are non-refundable. After opting out of the services, no refunds will be accepted. Refunds are only possible if the conditions of this refund policy are met.

General Conditions

You must have valid proof of cancellation, Any impossible reason to cancel the service will not be paid.

  • Our team will not initiate the requested service if payment isn't made within 30 days, No refund will be issued if users/clients request to place service on hold after payment.
  • If the online transaction fails, the payment will be duplicated, and the amount will be refunded.
  • After deduction, any amount paid for the Google Ad Service or Facebook Paid Ad Campaigns can be refunded. Refunds cannot be made for any amount paid to Facebook or Google.
  • If the client has asked to buy a domain and to host on their behalf and refused to take the same, we'll not behold the payment back to the client.
  • As per the client's request, if we create a logo, you'll have to pay even if you wish not to use the logo. However, you can ask our team to make changes as per your request to fit according to your business needs.


ExtraLogics can at any time and without notice, modify this policy at its sole discretion. For any updates, you are required to regularly review the policy.

Contact with us

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